Ki12: Rebecca MacKinnon. Consent of the Networked

  • Rebecca MacKinnon.
  • Consent of the Networked. The worldwide struggle for Internet Freedom.
  • 2012.

We cannot assume that the Internet will evolve automatically in a direction that is going to be compatible with democracy. It depends on how the technology is structured, governed, and used. Governments and corporations are working actively to shape the Internet to fit their own needs. The most insidious situations arise when both government and corporations combine their efforts to exercise power over the same people at the same time, in largely unconstrained and unaccountable ways. This is why I argue that if we the people do not wake up and fight for the protection of our own rights and interests on the Internet, we should not be surprised to wake up one day to find that they have been programmed, legislated, and sold away.

  • in Ländern wie China, Russland, Tunesien etc. ist es unerlässlich, das Aktivisten unerkannt das Netz benutzen können. Im Widerspruch zur single, public Identity Polititk von Face Book oder GooglePlus
  • Digital Commons wie WordPress erlauben es Aktivisten eigene Infos zu verbreiten, ohne Zensur von Facebook oder Google
  • Chinas grosser Firewall. Mit der Unterstützung von Software aus dem Silicon Valley und von PlattformFirmen
  • digital bonapartism: Pseudo Demokratie dank direkter und indirekter Kontrolle der digitalen Netzwerke und Plattformen
  • digital violence: z.B. denial of service attacks, gegen missbeliebiege WebSeiten
  • Zensur gegen KinderPornographie ist häufig ineffektiv und ein Feigenblatt für anderweitige Zensur
  • In Russia, intellectual property enforcement as been used blatantly as an excuse to creackk down on dissent.
  • corporate censorship: ist ein Spannungsfeld, zwischen Regierungsdruck, öffentlicher Meinung ...
  • right now .... share a Hobbesian approach to governance in which peapole agree to relinquish a certain ammount of freedom to a venevolent sovereign who in turn provides security and other services. ... by John Locke,... government should be based on "consent of the governee"
  • Versuch ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) unter Regierungs- / UNO-kontrolle zu bringen,

14. Building a Netizen-Centric Internet

  • the future of freedom in the Interneet age depends on whether people can be bothered to take responsibility for the future and act
  • ein UNO-ähnlich Ueberregierung ist unrealistisch und nicht wünschbar
  • ebensowenig Robin Hood artige cyber.vigilantism oder digital guerilla warfare
  • realistischer und demokratischer: aufbauen und stärken von netizen-driven institutions + communities, algonside existing ones, eventually shiften the balance of power both online and off.
  • globale und lokale Initiativen
  • creative commons
  • Technical commons, z.B. Verbindungen trotz Netz shutdown
  • viele Plattformen und M Ziele
  • building processes for corporate engagement with users, customers and other stakeholders
  • personal responsibility. Ai Weiwei: Democracy is not a political ideal. Democracy is a means of handling problems.


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